miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

I was talking with Alejandra the other day, she felt lonely... Told her that I feel the same way sometimes, it result to be, that our feelings in such days, are very similar.
Why do we feel lonely? when it seems that we are just starting our way trough life? (as the olders say) I mean, both of we, just started to live by ourselves, we work, we make money, we are independent! with the rest of our lives before us, it's no time to feel lonely, but to feel joy (As the olders told us). You know, is about enjoying our just acquired independence, to succeed in our careers, to rely on the total lack of responsability... and we feel lonely? maybe this is growing up, but, if it is, sucks, totally crap.
In times like that, I feel, like if ALL the other people, are just wearing masks, such masks, just show what's correct to our society, but hide everything that we don't want the other people to know, it's horrible, you feel like there's no one I can count on, no one cares about you, altough I know that not all the people are this way, is hard those days to recover that knowledge.
In such days, I think that I would feel relieved if I had a girlfiend by my side, you know, just cuddle together, and to tell me: "It's ok, don't worry, stand up, clean your knees. And let's face the world together". I guess a lot of people use to think that way in some point of their lifes, it's useless, I know, that my happyness is only inside me, and no one deserves to carry on the responsability to complete my life, because I must be a complete man, all alone.
However, those days always pass away, but unfortunately, as easy as they go, they come, and this cycle repeats again. Most of the time, I feel happy, and that I have an objective, but just to think that those days will come again.
What kind of events trigger these feelings? and if I knew them, should I avoid it? I don't know.
Those days are hard, the loneliness is so crushing, but you are surrounded by people, that makes it heavier.
All it's mazed, will I feel complete ever?
Please tell me if you understand what I feel, and share with me what you think, I'll see if that help me in the next sadnes season, lol