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miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

I've noticed something lately. It seems that all of my friends and related that blog, seem happier than me... I mean just looking to his blogs, makes wanna change my way of life drastically, they always seem to be happy, and always hanging out with friends, and ALSO having a lot of time to blog all this stuffs. I wanna be like them... I've also noticed, that all the people who seems happier than me, is still at school, not because they're studying medicine (well; someones do, did you read me Adly?) or a master, but because they're younger than me or they were lazy at school and are still catching up with all of us, I always fantasize of having enough money to not have to work the rest of my life, silly, anyway
And all of my people who blogs and are still at school, complains about homeworks, about exams, about deadlines, jujujujujuju, I laugh at you all silly people, I've been trough there and let's get serious, IT'S NO BIG DEAL, basically school is about having fun, I know that uses to get stressing sometimes, but this is not all the time, come on people school is about having fun, and friends, and hanging out with them, you'll see when you get a serious work, DEADLINES NEVER END, you just finished something, and even can't take a second to breath, because there's still another task, waiting to be done, and with (oh surprise!) a close deadline, and you're ALWAYS working under pressure (by the way, I work well under pressure, it results me: challenging), there's no rest at all, and you get so involved to that, that suddenly it becomes part of your way of life (I even dream with my work sometimes!) well that's something expected, I mean, working people spends more than one third of their ENTIRE day at work, another third sleeping, and part of the other third transporting to the job (or eating, jejeje); well, I know not all the jobs are this way, and lately I've start to think just mine.
Seems that the actual society wants us to work like donkeys until we just explode dead tired:
work, work, work, money, money, money, buy, buy, buy... sigh. We spend so much time at work, that's because it's so important to work in something that satisfy you.
All the people who I know, that is working, is very involved with their jobs, and they have talks about work, they're busy at all time, they hang out with with their workmates; tasks, projects, employees, deadlines, etc. Some of them even blog about work (like me)
(Take a look at the blog of this cool girls, whom recently entered in the blogger's "blogs of note")
Working Girl
I don't know, maybe later I'll see them in this side, and I'll be happily saying in my insides: bwajajaja at least!!! Or maybe not, and I'll be envying them, for having the life I want ¿Am I a looser?

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Ashley Kay said...

Hey blog buddy, I just wanna tell you that I too work and go to school (well I'm gonna work for two weeks and then I'm gonna look for a different job) and it's really hard but it pays off. What you see and get from other people is really assuming how their lives are. Look for what's gonna make you happy, not what you think makes other happy. And good job on blogging in English, it's indeed a great experiment.

Ashley Kay