lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

a few days ago, a more payed job was offered to me, it was a good offer and I accepted instantly, all I needed to do, was to have a talk with my boss, explain him the situation, settle down all the tasks undone on about two weeks, and left my actual work; however... my boss... made a counter offer, equaling the offer I was made before (is that sentence well structured? and this? whatever)...
The point here... is... That was never expected, of all the scenarios I plotted in my mind, that was the less expected, I commented the offer with my friends before talking to my boss, and all of them felt like I was saying goodbye already; I do like my job, but if the pay is better... well you know, one must look for greener pastures.
I never received any comment like: "good work Gabriel" or "well done boy", in fact, I received only negative comments, and now, out of the blue, I come to know, that I'm a valuable member of the team, a key talent, whom must be withheld, at least as important to equal a good amount of money offered by some other people. hahahahahahahaha, I feel happy, I feel very happy, but I have not allowed myself to demonstrate this in public, I' ve been contained my desires to run and yell at the world: "I'M THE ALL STARS EMPLOYEE!!!", and this is the only place where I'll unleash all of these stuff, only a littel, don't worry
I feel relieved, I used to struggle about the money all the time, but now, with this raise, no more of that shit, and now I possess an important knowledge, and that is, that I have become a necesary person in the company and no matter what the other say to me, I know, deep in my heart, that I'm not a disposable worker, hahahahahahaha; this is not about my raise, is about me becoming an important worker, OMG, that sounded pretty pretentious, gotta stop, I got work to do, hahahahahahahaha