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martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

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DSLR dreaming

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008

I dreamed again of a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera, I was changing lenses and discovered that the CMOS sensor was full of dust. This is becoming an obsession, because I don't have a DSLR camera, but I want to buy one, but not in the near future. Can you save money and give me a DSLR camera as a present? please? I don't ask to much, here's what I want:

A Canon Rebel XSi

I'll thank you very much


miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

Hi there! it's been quite a while, eh? I felt that I had nothing important to say, my sista told me that I'd better pay attention to this, or I'll get nowhere in the blogging world (uh?) I'll try to post more frequently (I said try).
-Today post is about me
-"no! really?"
(talking about geekness)
I have a confession to do: I'm a geek, oh dadgum yes! I so am, don't cry ladies
Well this story starts quite awhile ago, in the college, where I was introduced to the anime series "Evangelion" by a close friend of mine; by the moment I watched the first chapter, I was a gonner!! I got so interested in all the stuff! (japanese stuff), mainly the animes and mangas, Oh lord, those were good days! I wasted all of my free time to collect (and watch) any anime series, and also read a lot of mangas, I was all crazy about this, but please understand me, a whole new universe had been revealed to me
With the time a quiet peaceness came to me, I became more selective with the anime I watched, only picking up the ones that seemed worthless to watch, and discarding the bad ones, I read a lot less of manga, and started to investigate all about the japanese culture, mainly because I wanted to discover, what made them create all this stuff, so particularly different to the rest of the world was doing, why many graphic artists were so influented by the japanese graphic culture.
I'm nowhere near of the answer to that, it involves their culture, the way they are raised, the fact that japan is composed by three islands, etc...
Anyway so I became a graduated, a fresh man, a senior, whatever would be the correct word, and I started to involve with my job, and with other stuff (wich is theme for other post), so I stopped watching anime, I stopped assisting to anime conventions, I stopped learning japanese, I stopped... well, you get my point, I still read manga, well sometimes, but I wanted to believe that my geekness had became part of my past.
But (there's always a but, y'all know that) I found my poseable action figure of the Evangelion 00 unit, so I started playing with it (yes, I said playing), equiping it with different weapons, and posing it, then I thought of shooting pictures of it... and by the time I took the first photo, I realized.
I realized that I'm a geek, that I've always been a super geek grade A, that no one can deny their origins, and I started crying, crying for the lil' geek that I am, crushed by the fact that I'll always be a geek; well this is a bit far from what really happened, I didn't cry, I said "blah!" and shooted more pictures, but ya know, all the crying thing seemed a lil more dramatic.
Well the fact is that I'm a geek, and I'm ok with that so I won't deny it
I let you with the ultimate evidence of my geekness

I'll understand if you never come back by this place