Greetings from Neza York!

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

Nezahualcoyotl, State of México. Also known by the chilangos, and the natives, as: Neza-York, Mi Nezota (Minessota) and others.
A not so beautiful place, but still a interesting place.
Homeland of everythin' that is naco
An appendix of México City, wich is the city I live right now.
Home of cholos, thieves, junkies, graffiters, homeless, etc... And also a lot of hard-working people
A sleepy city, with strong identity...

"Virgen de Guadalupe bless our neighborhood"

Some of the Nezahualcoyotl's fauna:

Doggies (cutie!!!)

Snails :P

Roosters (he was saying "cock-a-doodle-do" to me)

The End

A girl

martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

This girl amazes and confuses me at the same
She amazes me, because she seems kinda unique to me, she's smart and funny
But she's a riddle to me.
In the first days I met her, she looked for me very often, to talk or joke around, I liked that, because generally I'm the one who look for my girlfriends, I mean, they kinda never phone me, or text me, or email me... If I don't do it first, maybe it's my imagination, or maybe they are as lazy as me about to keeping in touch, Anyway.
She has a boyfriend, a fiance; and for such reason, I tagged her as my friend, and nothing more, I really meant that, and I never thought that we would have something more than a very good friendship. But a few days ago, she said that she likes me a lot, my face in that moment would be like "uh?", and I said nothing, mainly because I didn't know how to answer that, I mean that declaration couldn't involve nothing romantic because she has a boyfriend, a fiance! She asked me if I act always the same when someone says that likes me. I answered: "I know that this declaration has no romantic intentions since it comes from you", and she replied: "sorry, let me explain myself, I said that I like you, but I like you as a friend, because you're very nice, you like me?", I said that she is a very nice and cool person, everything clear to that point, I misunderstood.
But after that some things had happened, she looks for me me more frequently, and some times she says some things that really confuses me a lot, like that she likes my smile, and some other stuff like that.
And right now I don't know where I'm standed, She likes me in a romantic way? We're just good friends? I got my mind up, and I was very convinced that we just would be friends, because she's not available, but now, sometimes i think stuff like this: "And if she didn't have a boyfriend? what would I do?" I would chase her looking for a romantic relationship? But the fact is, that she does have a boyfriend, and I'm very clear at this point, I would not involve with a woman who's already in a relationship, it's my politic, and I'll always stick to it, because someone cheating on me? it's not a nice thing, I know that.
And that's because I will do nothing, NOTHING at all, I won't move one single step for having an romantic relationship with this woman, or giving her hopes that she stand a chance with me, at least while she has a boyfriend, and I don't know if even when she left her boyfriend is ok, I mean, breaking a relationship with a fiance. Would this girl be ready to ride into another man just when she left someone whom she was going to marry? dunno.
But I don't wanna kick her off, I still want to have her as a friend, and besides that, there's the fact that I could be misunderstanding all of this things, and she just wanna be friends for real. I could ask her, but I'm afraid of his answer, what if she gets mad at me because I ever thought that she has other intentions than being good friends.
I don't know what to do, and still I'm gonna do nothing.
Am I acting the right way?