jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

I'm confessing here (again)
I never had a girlfriend, I mean like... never... and I'm not kidding here...About 9 years ago, I kissed a girl... a few weeks ago, I kissed a girl again... but this time she broke my heart... sigh... still hurts.
And that's all, the summary of my whole love life... and I'm meaning THE WHOLE THING, I'm skipping nothing... sigh... none of the two girls get to be my girlfriend, and I guess some kisses doesn't mean a relationship.
I guess my heart is still undamaged, at my age, many of my contemporaries had get a heartbreak some times, that makes a heart shy and careful... but my heart is not that way, my heart is still open at full... and still nobody notices... none of the girls who claim to want a passionate man... I'm here! And I'm ready to take the risk of getting my heart trampled on! My heart isn't shielded yet; is naive and fragile... and whoever wants it, can easily take it... It won't oppose... because it wants to be taken away.
I want to love, I want to love oh so much, I wanna get crazy in love... I can only imagine what lovers do, but I wanna make all that things...
But I'm afraid I won't find a girl for me... I'm a weird thing... I haven't had a girlfriend at the age of 25, and I'm some kinda childish... Where am I gonna find a girl who wants to play with me?...If a can't find another childish girl, at least I want a comprehensive girl... a wise and gentle girl... she would take my hand and show me new places and new colors, will teach me many things
Hope, hope, hope... It's all I got know... but I'm at my last