A good man

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

I guess I've become a little more confident, all this is because of you... Cos' I won't forget the countless times you told me, that I'm a good man, a wonderful man, who cares about the others, sweet and tender, neither the many times you told me to go away, that you didn't want to hurt me... And I didn't pay you enough attention... I never loved someone before the way I love you... I won't forget the magic moments we spend together, when we talked an talked and the hours just passed by without being noticed... I loved you... I still love you... but I have to let you go... no matter how painful it would be...

This is the way life is, sometimes you pass through very hard moments, and you think that you won't pick up yourself never, but you have to... and you will do it

Asi es esto de los cacahuates garapiñados

One thing I have for sure: I need to keep going, because there are people who counts on me, and I won't disappoint them