sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2008

I'm tired of crying you, crying for you in the corners, in the bathrooms, in my bed just before I fall asleep, also I'm tired of having my head full of "if's", If we just... whatevs
A woman, a bit of stupid woman not a friend of mine, told me: "sometimes life can't be the way you want". lame.
Today I say to you, that life is always the way we want, every decisión we made, conscious or by omission, led us to the actual moment on our lifes, I know that, and if my heart is broken, it's because I WANTED this, every single choice I made, led me to this very moment. Besides, I won't let you take all of the fault, because I knew what I was doing.
Painful times full of tears.
I see us, and what we could be, in every couple in the world.
You took away a piece of heart from me, how can I even dare to offer a mutilated heart to the next girl?
All because of you