Maybe I'm not already OK at all

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

I don't know if I'm still on my sensitive phase, nor if this gonna be my new self... I can grasp a different background to all the things, movies, songs, that I haven't noticed before; in example, just yesterday, I watched "Hancock" again; the first time I watched it, was all fun and exciting, but now I could almost feel the dimension of Hancock's pain, knowing that he had lost the one single person whom was for him, and the loneliness, that he must felt along the years... maybe it was because it was the second time I watched it, but, I still can almost feel that there's something different in all the love movies, something I didn't grasp before. Early in the morning I watched for first time "two weeks notice" with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, and I could felt some kinda weird in the inside, seeing all the development, it seemed like a natural end, or maybe the movie is very predictable.


I wonder if I will ever go back the way I was before all the drama... I don't think so