I hate myself... it's final

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

I'm lost, I know nothing, and I don't know if I did something wrong, nor it was something that just happened neither if I wasn't enough for her.
I'm also drowning in hopelessness. Will I ever be enough for a woman? Will I ever find someone to love and who loves me? Will I ever be all lovey-dovey with a woman? so many lost chances, so many years passed me by...
WHY!? Why did you gave me hope!? Why did you made me believe that my loneliness has ended? You said: "please give me some time to fix all this", so I thought: "Ok, take your time, then I'll be yours and you'll be mine", and out of the blue you say to me, you're gonna marry another guy, whom you just came to know two weeks ago. What was you expecting?! that I'd not crush?! fool!! I cried and cried! Because of my broken dreams! Because I wasn't enough for you! WHAT WAS YOU EXPECTING FROM ME!! I HAVE A HEART!! I'M NOT MADE OF STONE!!
Oh, I just wanna cry. Cry it all! If it's true what all the people say, that there's someone waiting for me somewhere. I call you from here! Come to me right now!... Please save me.